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There Might Be A Final Fantasy XIV With VR Support

It has been two years since VR showed in reality. Recently, some AAA games appear in the VR demos, which one is Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV - Square Enix Reveals Bunny Outfits For Male Characters

During a session at PAX East 2018, Square Enix revealed that the male characters in Final Fantasy XIV will be able to wear "bunny" suit soon with update 4.3.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Definitely Improve The Game System

The fantastic idea was announced by Square Enix and will be an app called Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, which opens the universe of Eorzea to the real world.

Final Fantasy XIV PAX East Will Take Place On April 7

Shortly after the release of patch 4.25, the FINAL FANTASY XIV team moved to Boston to attend the PAX East 2018 in April.

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