Albion Online Is Now Seeking For A Twitch Host

tibiamoney Date: Jan/14/17 15:15:33 Views: 626

Now that Albion Onlne are attempting to seek for a Twitch host so as to make use of Twitch channel regularly, so to that end, someone with an entertaining onscreen personality and the drive to stream content related to the game. Details profile as well as tasks are following. By the way, as a albion online players, I have a habit of collecting cheap albion online silver regularly, and you? 




community-building skills

preferably willing to work in-house in Berlin, Germany.

a passion for MMORPGs, especially Sandbox MMORPGs

impeccable skills in spoken English (native speakers preferred)

an entertaining on-screen personality - a positive “can do” attitude

technical expertise to set-up channel and equipment to your needs

the ability to lead through several hours of streaming by yourself or with guests



stream on the official albion online channel for multiple hours a day

reach out to players and streamers to participate in segments you develop - comment on current developments in the meta of the game

present Albion Online in the best possible light to our existing community and interested players, for example by showing current events (GvGs, ZvZ clashes)


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