Albion Online: Three Things Players You'd Like Changed

tibiamoney Date: Jan/14/17 15:17:56 Views: 551

If made a comparison both Albion online and other MMORPG game, the majorly difference is its awesome fool loot system. And included everything else such as bioms, crafting, quests ect are nice additions to full loot PVP game. And note that you have released patch is merely killing this PVP part of the game. Owing to Albion Online are about to launched, at this moment, are you excited for buying cheap albion online gold?



For you not to loose this awesome and players that love it please change back:


Decrease for at least a half after-gate-shileld duration.

Now its too easy to travel in unsafe zones.


Re-add again sounds of horses on long distance

Anyone should hear a horseman approaching in more then 1-2 screens minimum.


Return old grinding system, where i have to wear T5 gear to get T6 and so on, not T4+ on everything.

This "innovation" makes full loot useless, cause people wear T4 in dangerouse zones and high tier in safe.


Reduce number of dungeons of any kinds, increase its portals renewal time greatly.

People have to fight for dungeons and have to be afraid when farming mobs.



It makes camping useless and people feels more protected in unsfe zones which is not right.


In a nutshell, Not only will we add a new spell to counter these spells, but we are also looking into toning down several must-have weapons. Albion Online is all about making your build and strategies, and we want to give everyone the option to play the way they prefer rather than being forced into certain builds. At the same time, on, we will continue to offer cheap albion online silver/ gold to avid players.