How to get high Magic level

tibiamoney Date: Oct/31/13 15:30:30 Views: 401

Tibia, as you know, is a land of magic. There are many powerful spells to learn and master. You will soon find out that magic is one of those things you just can't do without, even if you are a knight. On a basic level, spells can provide you with food, ammunition or light, while later on you will learn how to heal yourself or to fry your enemies with deadly bolts of magical energy. In addition to spells, those who are skilled in the arts of magic are able to wield powerful wands and rods in combat. Finally, experienced spell casters learn the arcane art of binding spells of great power into runes.

Like all other skills in Tibia, the magic level must be trained in order to improve, i.e. you must cast spells, use wands or rods or train the skill while your character is offline. Whenever you have spent enough mana this way you will receive a message, and your magic level will increase. Thus, if you want your spells to become more powerful you need to practice, practice, practice! Of course, some vocations are simply more adept at casting magic than others, and while a druid or a sorcerer will advance quickly, a paladin takes longer to advance, and the knights, whose strength is in their sword arm rather than in their affinity with magic advance at a painfully slow pace. However, all vocations need to train their magic level quickly, because it is important in 2 ways:

.Magic levels are important because they directly influence the power of spells. You will find the damage your character does with, say, a heavy magic missile increases with its magic level, so a spellcaster at level 25 will cause more damage with magic level 34 than with magic level 30, as he has had more practice and can control runes more effectively.

.Furthermore, characters do not only need a minimum experience level, but also a minimum magic level in order to use runes, so this skill level is also important for paladins and knights. For example, characters can only use the powerful "Ultimate Healing" runes once they have reached magic level 4 provided they have the required experience level 24.

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