It is time to hit the battlefield

tibiamoney Date: Oct/31/13 15:16:05 Views: 454

Finally, it is time to hit the battlefield! The PvP preview on Aurora and Aurera starts today. Sharpen your weapons, stock up on ammunition and resources, and then FIGHT!

Last year, we already informed you about the rough direction of the PvP preview, and now it is finally your turn to test the alternative PvP rule set to its limits. We are really curious to hear about your experiences so make sure to let us know in the designated feedback threads on Aurora or Aurera. What we need is constructive feedback and criticism so when stating your opinion, please support it with reasons and examples, explain your thoughts and do not assume we know what you want to say. Most importantly, be open-minded, try out the PvP preview, and experience how it works before forming an opinion. If you want to buy the Tibia gold, plz contact us.

Please note again that the preview is only available on the preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera. If you use the Tibia flash client to play, the necessary patch will download automatically. If you want to participate in the preview by using the stand-alone client, you need to download and install a special client version which you can find in the download section. Furthermore,announcements on Aurora's and Aurera's world board include further details.