what New Methods to Die

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Even though spring is a long time coming in Germany, this year's spring patch is getting closer.
The medieval fantasy world of Tibia is a rough and dangerous place, and surviving in such a cruel world should be a constant struggle. In order to emphasize the harsh and unforgiving character of the Tibia universe, the upcoming spring patch will bring along a couple of new roleplay features involving death. More precisely, the death of your character.

Ships and Carpets: Travelling by boat or carpet is a fast way to get around in Tibia, and also quite a safe one. At least, it was until now. Whenever you board a ship or take a carpet ride to travel to another place, there is a risk to get hit by a heavy thunderstorm on your way which will rip apart your ship or carpet. As a ship passenger you will drown and your dead body will wash ashore on one of the beaches along the shipping route. As a carpet passenger you will plummet from the sky and your dead body will hit the ground somewhere along the carpet route.
Since a force of nature is a sign of the gods, no blessings will be effective and you will suffer the full death penalty. However, you will not re-spawn in the temple but right next to your dead body so you can at least reclaim your lost items.
Pitfalls: Falling down a pitfall hurts, doesn't it? It certainly will from the spring patch on. If you fall down one of these holes there is a high risk for your character to break a leg. This injury will slow down your character to the speed of a level 8 for one week since it takes some time for a leg fracture to heal. However, you will be able to travel at your usual speed on the back of a mount unless you fell down the pitfall on a mount. In that case, your mount will also suffer from an injury slowing it down for one week.
Swamp Fever and Animal Rage: If you kill feverish citizens in Venore you might catch the swamp fever from them. In addition, bites from roaming cats and dogs may also infect you with this disease. While the normal swamp fever can be cured, the form spread by those creatures is far more aggressive and ultimately fatal. Once infected, your health will continually decrease until your hit points have reached zero. There is no way to outheal or slow down this effect, your character will die after two hours have passed. The character death will be like a normal death so blessings will be effective and you will re-spawn in the temple of your home town.
Hungry: From the spring patch on, you should make sure to feed your character if he is hungry. If you leave him in a hungry state for three full days, he will starve. The character death will be like a normal death so blessings will be effective and you will re-spawn in the temple of your home town.
Are you prepared to face your destiny, Tibians? Will you face these new dangers with courage or will you cower and cry in a dark corner? Tell us in our feedback thread in the Auditorium which will be started on Tuesday since Easter Monday is a public holiday in Germany.

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