Why Should You Make Your Account Premium(I)

tibiamoney Date: Oct/31/13 15:09:28 Views: 441

Tibia is free, and players are welcome to play free of charge for as long as they like. However, if you enjoy Tibia, you may consider to take the game further by buying Premium Scrolls, which can be used to set your account to premium status. As a premium player you will have additional abilities and advantages inside and outside the game. Buy a Premium Scroll today to make Tibia even more fun!

The following benefits are available to premium players:

Access to Premium Areas

As a premium player you can travel to new, exciting places you have never seen before. Visit the mysterious magical academy in Edron, explore the weather-beaten shores of Quirefang and wander through the not quite deserted streets of the fallen city of Yalahar! Brave the unforgiving cold on the Ice Islands or head south to the pirate-infested waters of the legendary Shattered Isles! Join the desperate fight against the forces that are corrupting the once-mighty lizard empire of Zao or unravel the secrets of the past in the sands of the Ankrahmun! There are whole new continents are out there waiting for you to explore them! Even Rookgaard boasts its own exclusive premium area! Visit new cities! Do new quests! Battle new monsters! You will find that, as a premium player, there is simply much more to see and more to do!


All premium player can use the Tibian transport system. There are ships and magic carpets available for a comfortable journey. For a small fee our captains will bring you to all cities and even to some remote islands. Premium time will surely save you some long and tiresome marches!


Premium players can not only show off with outfit addons which they can earn in the game by solving specific quests, they can also pose on one of numerous mounts that can be unlocked in the game by brave adventurers. Mounts are not only an eyecatcher, they also grant your character a useful speed boost!

Improved Login

Of course, when the rush is on premium players have an advantage when it comes to logging in. As a premium player you will be able to log in on all game worlds even if the regular player limit has already been reached. Play Tibia whenever you like!

Cool New Spells

The mighty wizards from the magic guild of Edron have developed new spells. Cast haste on your character and run away from your enemies! Fry your opponents with the mighty Hell's Core! From useful everyday spells to powerful offensive magic, premium players simply have more spells to cast!

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Other benefits are sure to follow, but it is also possible that existing ones are changed or even removed in future. And that is not all!Please keep attention on our website,we will introduce the rest benefits soon,and you also can buy tibia gold from our website,we have many different server as you see here!